About us

Activity directions of the Public Organization “Educational Center “Open Knowledge”:

  • pedagogic (in form of organization of interacademic seminars, webinars, discussions, lectures, events of distant learning, scientific circles, courses etc.)
  • educational (in form of lectures, seminars, consulting, spreading relevant publications and multimedia products)
  • publishing (in form of preparation and publication of books, prospects, digests and reviews)
  • international cooperation (in form of organization and participation in congresses, conferences, forums, symposiums, meetings, collaborative research and projects)
  • social and scientific creativity (contests, festivals, projects)
  • production (creating intellectual products, e-books, publications, multimedia content)
  • informative (in form of press-conferences, publications in mass-media etc.)
  • communicative (in form of holding public hearings, discussions, inter-generation and interdisciplinary dialogue).