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Plans of the organization for the 2017-2018 academic year

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Public organization “Educational Center “Open Knowledge” is a non-profit voluntary community of scientists, educators and citizens with the aim of transforming the country into “the society of knowledge”. The organization was founded by Foundation Meeting 03.09.2015 in the city of Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (№ 1449555), the state register 40113038.

The organization is aimed to become a communicative platform for sharing knowledge and skills between pupils, students, young scientists and experienced experts.

Margaret Thatcher told: “Creating conditions for talent development and innovative activity is the major task of the state”. Ukraine needs to save and develop its scientific potential. We suppose that science and education can become the driving force that will be able to take Ukraine out of the crisis, provide high standards of life for the citizens, increase their employment and creative self-realization. These reasons encouraged us to create the Educational Center as a non-profit organization of supplementary studies and self-development.

Our mission: organization of communicative platform of productive interaction of active people for development of scientific-educational sphere of the country.

Public Organization “Open Knowledge” is a platform for collaboration and dialogue:

  • interdisciplinary
  • inter-generation
  • interacademic
  • education and business
  • secondary and higher education
  • citizen society and authorities.

Our objectives:

  • Encourage innovative creativity in educational and social space.
  • Popularize science and its achievements in society.
  • Create additional opportunities for self-development of talented youth as well as educators and scientists.

Our values:

  • steady development of Ukrainian society
  • democracy, humanism, social justice
  • social partnership and social responsibility
  • independent creative development of personality and self-realization
  • gender, age, social equality as the equality of opportunities
  • civic awareness and activity
  • mutual education from each other.

We are keen to open the ways to new knowledge and skills for talented youth as well as anyone who desires to do it; we seek to spread and popularize new methods of studying through self-development of a personality and create the necessary conditions.

We invite everyone who is active and shares our objectives and values to join our public organization and take part in the work of the Educational Center. Combining our efforts, we will be able to solve the problems of scientific and educational sphere and give Ukraine the way of highly-developed, competitive country of innovative development and the “society of knowledge”.